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What life with robots should be like?

1 Views· 21 Jun 2022
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You are on the PRO Robotics channel and in this video we will talk about robotic assistants. Robotic maids, robotic butlers, robotic vacuum cleaners, bots, robotic dogs and more in the new issue of robotic assistants. They simplify human life and allow you to get rid of household chores. Watch the video to the end and write in the comments, what kind of robot assistant are you missing?

0:00 In this video
0:55 Robot vacuum cleaner
1:28 Gladwell Gecko robot
1:51 Grillbot
2:06 Giddel Toilet Cleaning Robot
2:31 Tertill Garden Weeding Robot
2:52 Droplet Robotics
3:13 TIAGo robot for toilets and bathrooms
3:45 You-Go Robot
4:48 PR2 Robot Butler
5:46 Research Institute Smart Robot Janitor
6:38 Stretch RE1 robot arm
7:33 Coffee Master Robot
8:04 Piaggio Fast Forward's Gita robot arm
8:40 Jibo and BUDDY robot
9:15 Robot Dogs

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