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WATCH THIS To Get 1% BETTER Every Day! (Try It & See Incredible Results) | Ed Mylett

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My amazing and talented wife Lisa released her new book Radical Confidence, which you can order - and get the bonuses she’s created for you - at https://www.radicalconfidence.com. When you read this book, Lisa will teach you 10 No-BS Life Lessons to become the hero of your own life and take MASSIVE bold action to achieve your potential!

Are you feeling you are lacking motivation or are unsure how to achieve your goals? Then head on over to https://unstuck.impacttheory.com. There you can register and get access to a free workshop.

Along your journey to personal growth, success, and the pursuit of happiness you experience a broad range of emotions. Some days you’re up winning and on top of the world, while others days you can't even justify going on.

What is the standard you’re setting for yourself?

Being able to keep a promise to yourself may be one of the most important things you can ever do, and yet it’s something most of us struggle with. Instead of beating yourself down, learn the foundational skills and ideas you need to master to be able to change your life and extend your capacity for success.

“The only thing that matters is how you feel about yourself when you are by yourself.”
-Tom Bilyeu

Ed Mylett’s experience with his father isn’t the kind of experience people anticipate success to be on the other side of, yet he’s joining Tom for a second time to discuss the reason he wrote his new book, The Power of One More: The Ultimate Guide to Happiness and Success, following the loss of his father.

If you’re in a place struggling with reaching your true potential, meeting you highest self, and achieving greater levels of success, Ed shares why getting on the other side of your day to day inconveniences is the best path forward.

Change your relationship with pain and discomfort and stop allowing your shame and embarrassment to disqualify you from the life you were meant to live.

“As the island of my knowledge grows, so do the shores of my ignorance”
-John Archibald Wheeler

Pre-Order Ed Mylett’s new book, The Power of One More: https://www.amazon.com/Power-O....ne-More-Ed-Mylett/dp


0:00 | Introduction to Ed Mylett
1:05 | The One Thing to Turn It All Around
7:47 | Physical Transformation Is Life Changing
17:33 | Success with Kindness & Humility
23:44 | You’re Always One Away
31:40 | How to Manipulate Time For Success
36:32 | Appreciation for One More Day
42:03 | Greatness In Work & Life
48:46 | How to Create A Successful Life
53:56 | Change Your Emotional State


“You’ve changed the standard of your life and you’ve built this superhuman type of self-confidence that I don’t only do what I say what I’m going to do, I do one more than I say I’m going to do and that’s something almost no one is willing to do so I ‘m going to get things almost nobody is going to get.” [2:06]

“There’s an insidious form of neglecting your children [...] it’s not pursuing your potential and your dreams [5:40]

“If I could transform the internal parts of me that the eternal results that I was going to produce would be that much more extraordinary.” [10:01]

“The truth is I’ve probably been successful in spite of the way I’ve treated myself, not because of it.” [11:41]

“Someone who never changes their mind, someone who never acknowledges that their wrong about something, is someone that I don’t really want to be around and spend a lot of time with…” [22:32]

“The mess you have in your life, the things you are most ashamed of and embarrassed by that you think are the most insignificant, that disqualify you the most are probably the very things that will qualify you to connect with another human being, [...] to change their life.” [28:48]

“I think success is that when your external life matches your vision for it, whatever that is.” [46:33]

“When you get to a peak state, link it to something physical.” [53:56]

Follow Ed Mylett:
Website: https://www.edmylett.com/
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Twitter: https://twitter.com/EdMylett
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