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The Most Arrogant Royal Family Members

4 Views· 08/17/22
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Being born into a royal family has a fair amount of perks: a large staff on hand to help with whatever you might require, publicly funded luxury travel, and, of course, the adoration of millions. Life is even better for those who aren’t in the direct line of succession, because there are fewer behavioral expectations. In other words, some royals have free rein to be total jerks.
Even if some royal family members are born to rule over the rest of us, they have to earn their snobby reps on their own. From leaving behind millions in debt to having someone on staff just to iron their shoelaces, you won’t believe what the most arrogant royal family members are capable of.

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The Queen Mother | 0:00
Princess Margaret | 1:36
King Albert II of Belgium | 3:01
Prince Andrew | 4:35
King Juan Carlos of Spain | 6:16
Prince Philip | 7:30
Princess Cristina of Spain | 8:37
Princess Michael of Kent | 9:46
Captain Mark Phillips | 10:58
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle | 12:00
Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York | 13:29
Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark | 14:41
King Edward VIII | 15:42
Prince Charles | 17:10

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