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Rivian R1S SUV 4×4 Dual Motor($91,075) - Interior and Exterior Walkaround - 2022 La Auto Show

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Daniel Chyi
Daniel Chyi
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2022 Rivian R1S - Interior and Exterior Walkaround.

2022 Rivian R1S - Interior.

2022 Rivian R1S Review, pricing, and Specs.

2021 Rivian R1S - Interior and Exterior Walkaround.

2021 Rivian R1S - Interior.

New Rivian R1S 2022 - Stylish Electric SUV | Exterior and Interior

2022 Rivian R1S - Interior, Exterior, & Price | ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THIS ELECTRIC SUV

10 AMAZING Features Of The Rivian R1S Electric SUV

Top 10 Features of the 2022 Rivian R1S Electric Adventure SUV

Rivian R1S — Marvelous 7 Seater SUV from the Future!

Jeff Bezos SHOWS These 10 AMAZING Features Of The Rivian R1S Electric SUV!

Rivian R1S - (UPDATED) In-Depth Review

The seven-passenger 2022 Rivian R1S sport-utility vehicle will be the second production model from Rivian, an upstart electric vehicle manufacturer based in California. The first-ever R1S takes direct aim at the Tesla Model X, which is the only other three-row all-electric SUV currently available. The R1S will also be less expensive than the Model X when it goes on sale. The R1S shares many of its attributes with the R1T pickup. Like the R1T, it offers a 128.9-kWh battery pack that the EPA estimates is good for 316 miles of driving per charge. The R1S will be sold directly to consumers, although Rivian says that it also will set up a network of service centers and Tesla-like stores.

What's New for 2022?

Rivian is starting off by delivering orders of the Launch Edition. For 2022, the R1S is only offered with a quad-motor setup and a 128.9-kWh "Large" battery. Rivian also significantly raised the price of 2022 R1S models, a move that initially impacted people who made reservations before March 1, 2022, but the company later backtracked that specific decision in the wake of customer backlash. Next year, a more affordable, entry-level Explore model is expected to join the lineup. A new dual-motor configuration making over 600 horsepower will enter production, too, alongside a smaller standard battery (dual-motor models only) and a larger "Max" battery pack (quad-motor models only).

Pricing and Which One to Buy

Explore - $84,500

Adventure - $90,000

EV Motor, Power, and Performance

The R1S shares its battery pack, powertrain, much of its styling, and many of its specs with its R1T pickup sibling. With 835 horsepower on tap, the R1S boasts a claimed zero-to-60-mph time of 3.0 seconds, so we can't wait to take one for a test drive. Every 2022 R1S has an electric motor at each wheel, providing all-wheel drive and impressive off-road capability. However, a dual-motor version with all-wheel drive and more than 600 horsepower will eventually be offered, too. All models feature an adjustable air suspension at launch, which allows ground clearance to vary from eight to 14.5 inches. When we get a chance to test the R1S out, we'll update this story with driving impressions and test results.

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