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Indonesia's Most Deadly Terrorists (2010)

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Terror Go Round (2010): Many terrorists re-enter terrorism after their release from jail, often more radical than on their arrest. The solution could be in better inmate education, but resources are scarce.

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Following the re-arrest of terrorist mastermind Abu Bakar Bashir, this report secures rare access to the prison for Indonesia's most deadly terrorists. Why are inmates leaving more radical than ever?

With recidivists emerging in Aceh and from behind the smoking ruins of the Marriot in Jakarta, we meet those terrorists on the brink of that crucial choice of whether to re-offend. "If I was still outside now it's possible I would join the network again. Hate against the police has grown deep in my heart." Anif Solchannudin volunteered to carry an explosive back-pack into a beachfront restaurant in Bali's Jimabaran in the second wave of attacks in Bali. He now paces the prison courtyard and prays alongside other, more radical terrorists, their religious zeal strengthening as they do their time. "What the police are doing today is just cutting the tip of the iceberg", says Cdr. Tito Karnavian from the Counter terrorism Unit. Having watched many inmates return immediately to the terrorist fold, he and a group of reform activists are asking for a shift of emphasis to re-education. Yet the authorities say they don't have the resources or the experience to do so. Until they do, the rate of recidivism remains shockingly high. "These people are driven by ideology. You can't kill ideology by simply locking them in jail."

ABC Australia – Ref. 4919

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