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How The Socialist Revolution Once Gave Hope To Venezuela's Poor

2 Views· 09/13/22
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El Comandante (2004): His enemies accused him of turning Venezuela into a Communist dictatorship. But was Chavez's vision of a socialist economy the future of Latin America?

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In the slums of Caracas, Dr Isol Capote's surgery is open for business. It's all part of a deal which provides cheap oil for Castro in exchange for Cuban doctors. The deal has enraged America, which wants to overthrow Castro. But the barrios are delighted: It's the first time they've had access to free medical care. "Under the old government, the poor were repressed," explains one resident. "Now there's justice and people are more equal." Chavez's enemies accuse him of buying votes and fomenting class hatred. They're received US funding and are working to overthrow him. But Chavez himself remains unconcerned. "We can't accept that we're just the United States' backyard ... we have to be free."

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