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Addiction treatments suffer from high relapse rates, but now cutting edge work in neuroscience hopes to combat relapse through memory modification. In this film, we see how scientists are already selectively reprogramming memory to treat phobias. The next step - a cure for craving - could be just around the corner.

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This is by far one of the coolest fish keeping places in the lower mailand of British Columbia! Cant wait to go back to buy some koi off of them when im finished my 2000 gallon pond! I would definitley recommend this store.

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Get this awesome set here:

Details: Succumbbing to his addiction, Mimik shows us that with his shocking and eye-opening set that demands to be seen by both gloving addicts and non-addicts alike.

This awesome set contains the following:

4 x RedLightGreenBlue (RLgB)
1 x Mint Frost Solid
1 x Aqua Frost Solid
2 x Peach Frost Solid

Featured glover added the following in the video:

6 x Clear 1 Mode Micromax
4 x Clear Micronova
2 x RedLightGreenBlue (RLgB) Thumbs
10 x Clear Closed Diffusers

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Fish Addicts is the best fish store i've ever been to and there's thousands of different fish there so you guys should check it out!!! #fishstore #aquariums #aquariumfish #bettafish

Address: 5646 Production Way, Langley city, BC, Canada V3A 4N4

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Welcome to Ocean Addict with Ryan Duke.
A channel to showcase the best of Broome and The Kimberleys fishing, crabbing, camping and adventure lifestyle.
Creek and Ocean fishing around the pristine Broome location. Filmed with my Gopro.
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In this episode I encounter a large tiger shark hunting in the shallows, then I find a Large Salt Water Crocodile hanging out in the shade of the mangrove trees then the following day I head to the Reef Spearfishing with my mate Josh from Reef Addicts!!!!

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Join me as I walk the reef fishing for Tailor off Geraldton!

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We joined the Shark Addicts (check them out: for an afternoon of shark freediving off Jupiter. We had a bunch of nice bull sharks come out and play and everyone's favorite lemon shark (Snooty) came by to give Cameron some love.

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Free diving in Jupiter with the Shark Addicts crew swimming with different types of sharks and getting closer with these beautiful creatures. If you want to get closer to these animals i would swim with the Shark Addicts crew.

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The Super Simple Reef Tanks almost 2 months old, the "Ugly stage" is almost over so now it's time to make the tank pretty and get some corals in. #SuperSimpleReef #AaronsAquarium

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Spearfishing in the Caribbean on the Island of Barbados. Spearfishing Barracuda, Mackerel , Rainbow Runner, Cavalli and reef fish on the east and south coast of the island. Stay tuned many more videos to come!

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In this episode we finally shoot off on our long awaited trip to Turkey Beach and head offshore for two nights on the reef. Can’t say we’ve even been on a trip like this before. The reds were on fire! This 6 hour trip north was well worth the wait!!! ENJOY!

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As the tide starts to run out we start targeting isolated Bombies on the Inside of the Outer Reef hopping from catching some solid Reef G's

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ELPHINSTONE is one of the worlds' best dive sites. For advanced divers this mecca of colour and life can have wicked currents that sweep you away. With the chance to see Oceanic whitetips, turtles, rays, humphead wrasse, jacks, trevallies, snappers all we really wanted to do was emerse ourselves within the schools of Orange Anthias.

You need at least 50 dives for Elphinstone so only experienced young divers can attempt to dive. The North plateau leans off at 42m and the south at 25m - big pelagic species can be seen out in the ocean, although the sharks tend to gather at 10m near the diver boats from October to December.

The diversity of coral is vast and the Elphinstone is teaming with life. You get swept along with the 1000s of fish, and certainly enjoy the ride.

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Spearfishing the East coast
Ocean Addicts ©
Watch in 1080p HD!
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Shark Addicts - Bull Shark

Mais conhecido no Brasil como tubarão cabeça chata ou tubarão touro, pode viver tanto em água salgada como doce. Atinge de 2,1 a 3,5 metros de comprimento.

Estados Unidos - Florida - Júpiter - Condado de Palm Beach.

Creditos: @sharkaddicts2