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This video is about our 4-Day trip to East Java. East Java is a place unlike no other.
After exploring it, we were just blown away. In this vlog, we will share with you a list of the best things to do in East Java, Indonesia, in 4 days!


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I spent the summer traveling Indonesia! And I learned a ton about the country, its people, and all things tourism in the country. In total, I spent a month, 30 days, in Indonesia. We went to Bali, Lombok, Komodo National Park, South Sulawesi, and a whole bunch of places in between. This video outlines what it's like to travel Indonesia, what the transportation in Indonesia is like, what the food is like, what the hotels and guesthouses are like, how to stay connected in Indonesia. Basically, everything you need to know if you're packing your bags and heading to the island nation. I get into both the positives and negatives of traveling Indonesia. It's an incredible country to travel, but there are some things you need to be aware of. There are tips that I can offer you about backpacking Indonesia, including money saving tips. Indonesia is a very inexpensive country to travel, but getting ripped off, or at least paying a tourist price, is common. This video will give you an idea of the cost of things, and how much money you should budget when traveling Indonesia.

While this video will give you an idea of what to expect when traveling Indonesia, the country is full of surprises and you'll surely find some excitement that I couldn't possibly prepare you for. That might be the best part of travel.

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My name is Ryan. I currently live in China but I am constantly exploring and traveling. I consider myself a lifelong expat. I've lived in Vietnam, Slovakia, China, and my home country Canada. Why do I live overseas? Because I find life is more exciting in a foreign culture. My videos try and show that, they'll teach you a little something, and I always find time to have some incredible local food.

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With over 18000 islands, Indonesia is the largest Archipelago in the world. The island nation is home to 167 Active volcanoes, far more than any other country and has some of the largest remaining tracts of tropical forest anywhere in the world. Indonesia is both a leisure seeker’s dream and an adventurer’s playground. Whether you’re looking to bronze on beautiful beaches, hike in search of endangered orangutan, or snorkel among some of the most beautiful coral reefs on Earth, this country has something for everyone. Here’s a look at the best places to visit in Indonesia!

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I went to Bali Indonesia in the year 2019 with my husband on our honeymoon. I am sharing my memories ,experiences , tour plan and expenses in this video so that you can plan your trip to Bali easily.

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We spent one month travelling around Indonesia and vlogged the entire trip! We hope this trailer gets you excited about our trip as we explore some of the most amazing places in Indonesia. If you're interested in travelling to Bali, travelling to Bali with kids, travelling to Bali with a baby or you just want to see Bali travel vlogs, then you really must watch this season as we'll be sharing all our experiences, good and bad.

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Most of our time was spent in Bali where we visit Kuta Beach, Sanur, Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Ceningan, Nusa Penida, Candidasa and Mt Batur. We also visit the islands of Gili Air and Gili Meno just off Lombok. Oh, and also flew to Yogyakarta and checked out Prambanan and Borobudur Temples.

❤️ Elisa, David, Javier and Joaquin

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Hi Guy, In this video, I am giving information about travel rules and regulations for Bali, Indonesia.
The new update is if you are fully vaccinated then RT PCR is not required and a mask is also not mandatory for the Vaccineted passenger so as per new rules you should have a vaccination certificate. About travel insurance, you can buy it from Watch the video for the steps of buying insurance.

☼ 𝗦𝘂𝗺𝗺𝗮𝗿𝘆:
- Return ticket to the same country or other countries for exit purposes from Indonesia.
- RT PCR is not required as before it was mandatory
- Full 2 dose vaccination certificate.
- Travel Insurance worth $10000.

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➡️ I was Drunk? NFT Night Party in Bali's Famous Club | Red Ruby | Indonesia | Dance | Live DJ | Bar
➡️ Met these local girls in Bali | Indonesia | How I Talk | Currency | Stay | Sim Card | Berawa Beach
➡️ Balinese Massage | Bali | Indonesia | Sicilia Spa | is it Safe? | Authentic | Solo Travel
➡️ How to Reach Bali from Delhi | India to Indonesia | Ticket | Visa | Currency | Travel Via Vietnam
➡️ Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary | Know about Bali | Indonesia | Balinese Dance | Solo | Ubud Part - 1

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➡️ How to Reach Nepal from India by Road | Siliguri to Nepal | Scenic way to Reach Kathmandu | Travel
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In this 8K Video, we will travel around Indonesia and discover Bali with a virtual tour. Indonesia is located between the Indian and Pacific Oceans, Indonesia is called the largest archipelago in the world and the fourth most inhabited country (after China, the United States, and India) thanks to its 18,000 islands and 252,165,000 million inhabitants. It has the second largest coastline in the world and has an impressive number of 300 ethnic groups that communicate in more than 300 different languages, peculiarities that show us how vast their culture, gastronomy, and diversity is.
The food is extremely varied because as I told you a few moments ago, there are a large number of ethnic groups, and as expected, each one of those that make them up has their own customs and their way of living is very different from the of others. However, we can find a common denominator: the fish and the fish. And it is that most Indonesians, especially those who live in coastal areas, delight themselves and their guests with these two ingredients.
Its capital is Jakarta and its largest islands and possibly the most visited by tourists are Java, Borneo, Papua, Sumatra, Sulawesi, and Bali. Some are hardly seen on the map, however, their beauty and majesty captivate and captivates anyone who is undecided about which destination to choose.
Bali, although it cannot be appreciated from a map, is one of the most famous and visited tourist attractions in Indonesia, since the truth is that it offers the visitor a myriad of wonderful and unusual experiences. Even, over the years, for its mysticism and incredible beauty, this island destination, thanks to its popularity, has won numerous travel awards, which seek to recognize the incredible stay that its landscapes, culture, and people offer to travelers. tourists who decide to be part of Bali, Indonesia.

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Discover INDONESIA in 8K ULTRA HD • Travel with Relaxing Music and Ambient Drone Films Relax Music Sleep (FUHD) Demo 8K ULTRA HD


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Indonesia. A country with endless adventures, heritages, and possibilities. With its panoramic natural sceneries, delicious food, and mesmerizing cultures, Indonesia is the place to create those new blissful travel memories. As you plan your future getaway, Indonesia prepares a better, safer, and more comfortable destination with strict implementation of the CHSE (cleanliness, health, safety, and environmental sustainability) protocols. Take a look at what Indonesia has to offer and all of the experiences waiting for you here!
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Indonesia is home to over 100 endangered animals
Indonesia has the world's biggest 'young' population.
The world's biggest flower lives in Indonesia.
Home to over 700 different languages and dialects.
Indonesia is the hottest spot on the Pacific Ring of Fire.

Top 10 alcohol consuming states in India -

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On Travel with Bkbytes we share travel experience and tips travelers who uploaded their own experience in internet , so you can get new ideas about your next vacation, travel destination or just a short weekend escape. we studied about more than 60 countries facts and tour places so we think it is safe to say that everyone will find something interesting to see here. we wanted our vlog to be available to as many viewer(bkbytees) as possible, so we decided to upload it in world's oldest and first language even though we speak so many language we love our own mother, TAMIL

Disclaimer: All information in this video is based on Internet data. bkbytes Channel does not claim on the truth of the information Provided. Some of the Pictures and videos in this episode are for examples only.

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IINDONESIA TRAVEL GUIDE 2022. n this video i was having the last day in the Thailand and today I was going to very beautiful place like Thailand where mostly Indian prefer to go and it Indonesia.I was having connected flight Bangkok to Singapore and I was having 10 hour stay in Singapore.Then I reached Bali.In this video I have also gave the information about the travel to Indonesia what things to carry.So for full information watch the full video and if u like the video so subscribe the channel and share with friends..And subscribe my old channel - Musafir singh Traveller

Please watch: "Flying Punjabi"

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Expenses Breakdown (3 DAYS) for ONE PERSON ONLY:
Indonesian Rupee
Roundtrip Airfare: 438, 000
Roundtrip Boat: 300, 000
3 Days Private Car: 600, 000
Scooter with fuel: 57, 000
Parking: 2, 500
Simcard: 100, 000
3 Days Airbnb: 319, 300
Total Entrance Fee: 708, 000
3 Days Food: 285, 000

TOTAL: IDR 2, 809, 800 | MYR 766 | PHP 8, 876 | USD 173

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Get to know #MarianCarmelo
Marian is a Filipina who lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She shares her lifestyle as a flight attendant, soldier, beauty queen, and actress during her early 20s.

Her exotic travels have also brought her to find his partner and fellow influencer, Eddie. They created a couple branding called "EDRIAN" popularized with #TeamEdrian in March 2021. In February 2022, the young couple decided to end their on-screen relationship amicably.

Her bright and bubbly social media presence together with her natural on-camera talent is an instant happy pill. Subscribe now to find out more about Marian and her lifestyle as an expatriate.

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Join our Journey all round the world 😍

if you are looking for things to do in Bandung (Jawa Barat) , i hope this Video can help.

Indonesia has a lot of beautiful cities to visit, one of them is Bandung 👍. There is a lot of direct flight from Singapore or Malaysia to Bandung, but we can also take a Shuttle bus, train or a domestic flight from Jakarta. 😍

We take Argo Parahyangan Executive seat and depart from Stasiun Gambir Jakarta, the traveling time is around 3 hours and arrive in Stasiun Bandung.
There are also Priority seat and economy 👍

watch the Bandung Train Guide here

I travel to Kartika Sari the largest and Famous Souvenir center in Bandung, then i visit one of the food courts in Bandung to try the local food because of bandung also famous for its Kuliner place

Of course, we also visited Dago Bakery that is located in Punclut Bandung, this is famous because the decoration is very similar to Harry Potter Castle. very instagrammable.

during our days in Bandung, we stayed at one of the Villa in Lembang. Very suitable if you are looking for a natural environment and the Price also cheap if you travel with a lot of people.

I hope that this Bandung Travel Guide can help people 🙏

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Part 2 of the Indonesia Travel guide. In this episode I tell you about: How to travel: Java. Any comments or you want to contact check:

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Credits: maps & animations:

Guide & Information for Sumatra & Java:
Mr. Balas Sinulingga
Phone: +62 8 1396 889 475

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Going over my experience with getting my visa for Indonesia June 1st 2022.

* Here is a link to the Indonesian Embassy website in the US:

*All of your questions can be answered here

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Join us on our 3-day sailing tour at Komodo Island National Park in Indonesia. I stepped out of my comfort zone and I got rewarded with the most beautiful place in Indonesia! 😍Padar Island, Pink Beach, Komodo dragons... I will never ever forget this trip. Thanks Komodo for these awesome memories.

Episode 21 | Filmed October 2021


Welcome to our channel, we're so happy to see you! ❤️ We're Isabelle & Flo, husband and wife from Germany. After graduating from college in 2016 and spending 7.5 months in Australia in 2017, we made the decision to quit our corporate jobs in 2020 and left our home to follow our dream and travel the world full-time. We love taking YOU with us on this journey around the globe in our authentic travel vlogs! Along the way we're scouting our beautiful planet for a place to eventually settle down and make our home 🏠 Besides that, we also love trying local food in every country we visit and give your our unfiltered and honest opinion on the dishes we try. If you wanna keep up with our epic adventure around the world and help us find a place to call home, make sure to subscribe to our channel and ring the bell, so you don't miss out on any future videos. Welcome aboard 💛🎥





0:00 Flying to Labuan Bajo, Flores
0:54 Boarding the sailing boat & room tour
2:03 Snorkeling at Kenawa Island
3:19 Kelor Island
4:18 Sunset with flying bats
5:25 Padar Island
6:59 Pink Beach
8:46 Komodo dragons
10:56 Taka Makassar & snorkeling
11:53 Komodo trip review

#komodonationalpark #komodoisland #komodo

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INDONESIA - Our Home|Cinematic Video

It's finally live! Not only my longest video to date but probably also my personal favorite and I am beyond excited to finally share this story from Indonesia and the Indonesian people. This country has always been on my bucket list, and when my friend Kay asked me to join for a two-week adventure through East Java, I just couldn't pass it up. Together with Julian and Leo, we visited numerous waterfalls and summited one of the toughest volcanoes to climb in Indonesia - Mount Raung. I really hope you enjoyed this cinematic travel video from our trip to Indonesia!!

Huge shoutout and thanks to Artlist! For believing in our idea and supporting this whole experience.

My personal playlist from Artlist with my favourite songs:

Make sure to check out my good friends and travel buddies:




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This is your Jakarta Indonesia Travel Guide. I have tried to give you the best things to do in Jakarta, Indonesia if you are here for just a short trip.

My first stop was at SPARK shopping center and the famous sky walk that goes over it. This is a very cool spot to come to and check out the sky line of the SCBD. Come early as apparently it can get busy.

After this I went to Merdeka square where the national monument of Indonesia sits. This is a very powerful monument that sits in the middle of the worlds largest square. Go up the monument for a small cost to bask in the view of this fabulous city.

Skipping over the road takes us to Istiqlal mosque. This is the largest mosque in South East Asia and can house 200,000 people! You can go for a tour around and see what it is like inside but please remember to dress moderately.

Last stop was to go over the road to Jakarta Cathedral - a wonderful end to the day before heading to a mall for a little shopping and some ice cream!

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Is this Really Indonesia? Didnt expect this in Jakarta...(Tour through SCBD)

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Traveling to Indonesia or Bali ? This is my 10 Best Places to Visit in Indonesia List

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00:00 Intro
01:28 Bali
02:15 Mount Bromo
02:55 Bandung
03:58 Jakarta
05:04 White Crater
06:22 Yogyakarta
08:36 Malang
10:04 Lombok
10:51 Additions
11:20 Nusa Penida
13:50 Summary

Show more