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Tehran 2021(4K)| Mellat Park Tehran|Walking tour

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Mina's Travel Vlog
Mina's Travel Vlog

Tehran 2021(4K)| Mellat Park Tehran|Walking tour

about this video : Today, following the Tehran 2021 city tour, I went to Mellat Park, one of the most beautiful places in Tehran in Iran.In this Walking tour, I will show you this large and beautiful park, which is located on Valiasr Street in Tehran.Tehran Mellat Park is very beautiful in autumn and is one of the most important tourist areas, so stay tuned for my virtual tour through Mina's camera.
Tehran 2021|A great day in Mellat Park, Tehran|Walking tour 4k
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Mellat Park (Persian: پارک ملت‎ Pārk e Mellat), literally the Nation Park, is an urban park in northern Tehran, Iran. It is one of the city's largest green spaces,situated adjacent to Valiasr Street at the foot of the Alborz mountains to the east, extending to Chamran Expressway and Seoul Street to the west. It is watered by winter-snow streams coming down from Mount Tochal.

The park lies in the southern grounds of Tehran International Fair and the Enghelab Club. It is home to one of the first musical fountains in Tehran, and includes facilities such as playgrounds, snack bars, cafes, and a small aviary. There is also a cineplex at the southeastern edge of the park.

Before the 1979 Revolution, it was known as the Imperial Park (پارک شاهنشاهی Pārk e Šāhanšāhi). It is also the location of a steam-powered locomotive used on Iran's first railway section, built between 1886 and 1888.The locomotive was built by Belgian group Ateliers de Tubize, commissioned in 1887.


who I am ? 😊

Hi .l am Mina, an Iranian documentary filmmaker woman . who has made documentaries on Rituals, traditions, mythology, culture, history, environment, ethnography, and rural life, and has won awards at numerous international festivals. Also, with my videos, I try to provide you with interesting information about architecture, anthropology, Iranian food, Iranian culture, handicrafts, nature, museums and gardens, and shopping malls in Iran. l have tried to show you a view of the city of Tehran by driving in tehran City( Street view) and urban walking. I also want show you the video traveling from Iran through street driving (driving tour - driving views) and street walk in Iran ( walking tour in tehran ) .
My camera is my third eye. My third eye sees for you 🎥
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My camera is my third eye.
My third eye sees for you .

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